Statement of Intent

So I guess I should really start from the beginning really.

I’ve been meaning to set up an actual wordpress blog for a long time but never got round to it until now. What set me off the edge of the cliff was my best friend getting back into blogging. I want to be more creative in my spare time and feel like I’m contributing something to the internet hivemind.

The Mcelroy brothers also have to share some of the blame for this. Their content has been a great inspiration to me of just finding something unique and running with it. While I haven’t really found my USP yet I can’t let it get to me. To paraphase, you can’t allow yourself to feel down about your content not being as good as someone else’s or you’ll never do it.

So here I am, originally this was a tumblr blog but I found the formatting and options limiting. For the most part I write thought pieces and the odd review here and there. Hope you’ll come to enjoy my material




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