I realise that when this blog is finally discovered by another living creature several thousand years in the future they might wonder what sort of person I am. Well I thought it might be a reasonable subject to write a blog post about.

My name is Moff, originally this was a nickname that my parents gave me and is a corruption of the Mothman. As I’ve got older and come to realise more about my identity and feel more comfortable with who I am, this has developed into my actual name.

I’m British, I was born in Lincolnshire which is famous for being mostly agricultural land and being the birthplace of both the tank (mk 1s were built in the tractor factory at Lincoln) and the sustainable jet engine (designed by Frank Whittle at RAF Cranwell).

I’ve been trained as both a chemist and a teacher. I loved the modular nature of chemistry and how atoms bond together to make an infinite number of chemicals. Last year I got it in my head that I wanted to be a teacher and did a PGCE. This was the hardest thing I’ve ever done in my life and was actually damaging towards my own wellbeing. I still qualifed however.

My love of videogames, like many in my generation started at a young age. My first console was a GameBoy Color with Pokemon Red and Blue. Over time however I’ve leaned more towards the FPS area of the industry. I think my favourite game is Battlefield: Bad Company. It had a fantastic level of comedy and it’s multiplayer was a ton of fun, introducing the Rush gamemode for the first time. Introducing destruction to the franchise with the first iteration of the Frostbite engine. My love of Battlefield games has continued through the years up to Battlefield 1 which I thoroughly enjoy.

Basically, expect to see me fangirling over DICE a lot over the next few posts…