E3 Extravaganza, the first day

It’s that time of year boys, girls, everyone in between and other. It’s the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3 obviously). The first show of the week long event was taken by EA (it’s all the Es today apparently). As much as I don’t like the company they do own the copyrights to several of my favourite IPs so I sat down to watch the show.

A lot of time was given to EA Sports which I will put no focus on whatsoever. I have no personal interest in those titles and it is forever a bafflement to me that they give so much time to them. I guess they’re popular to some people? I just feel like when you release the same game every year people would get bored eventually… Then again CoD is still popular. Granted EA Sports makes a lot of money for the company and that is why they give the games so much air time. I would be interested to find out how many people in these target audiences actually watch E3 though however.

The first game to been shown was what I was waiting for. In the Name of the Tsar, not a full game release but the next wave of content for Battlefield One. We didn’t get much but we got a trailer which confirmed snow based maps with armoured trains plowing through the harsh landscape. Executives from EA confirmed that there would be eight additional maps being released soon, including the Nivelle Nights and Prise de Tahure. We can assume that there will either two or three (more likely three) Operations to fight in the bitter cold. There is also a rumour that a new weather effect will be introduced, in the desert we have sand storms. When the tsar’s finest march, they march in the biting cold of a blizzard. It’s unclear exactly how this will effect gameplay. Hopefully it will have more of an effect than just obstructing vision.


Hussar cavalry make an appearance for the Russians. They’re a reskin of the standard cavalry unit but where they differ is in their choice of weapon, a spear. In the trailer this can clearly be seen impaling and dragging off an unfortunate German soldier. A couple weapons were shown off, notably the backbone of the Russian Military in two World Wars the Mosin Nagant and a full length Double Barrelled Shotgun. Women have also been added to the game to the behest and Meninists everywhere. First they didn’t realise that being a war between globe spanning empires that people of many nations served hence why the German scout is African. The Russian Scout is given the guise of the very real Women’s Battalion of Death who served in 1917. In the trailer we also see a strange looking truck which I have identified as a Putilov-Garford Armoured Truck which might be a new tank? No sign of the Tsar tank yet unfortunately. I want to see more content as soon as possible, I love this game and any more information I can digest is always good.


There were several other notable mentions before they spoiled everything with more sports games. Seriously who cares?

The showed off some footage for a new Need For Speed game, Payback. While I was watching the clip I jokingly said “it’s not Burnout Revenge 3 so who cares” and then the vehicular takedowns started happening. I actually got some pangs of nostalgia watching the cars sail through the air. When I was younger I used to play racing games, in recent years this has died down to being none. I loved the Burnout series when I was younger, from Takedown all the way to Paradise and anything that can take my back to that feeling of consequence free vehicular manslaughter is something I consider worth watching. It also looks gorgeous.

Bioware showed off a new IP called Anthem which just looks like Halo, that is literally all I can say about that because it was like 10 seconds of footage.

There’s a new co-op focused game by makers of Brothers: A Tale of two Sons, Starbreeze Studios called A Way Out. It’s a Prison Escape story focusing on two characters. Described as an action, exploration game by one of its developers. They also said that it is designed as a game to be played in split screen co-op. While I can appreciate the stylistic choice it isn’t really feasible to say the best experience with your game is with someone sat right next to you. For some people it isn’t possible to get somebody to play split screen anymore, for example my group of friends live in several different cities in two different countries. Someone unfortunate to not have a friend interested in the game would have to rely on a random person from the internet and isn’t getting the full experience of the game through no fault of their own. We will have to see if this changes at all in the future.

The other major game shown during the Conference was Star Wars Battlefront 2 (the second one). We already know that there will be a fully fledged single player campaign in this one (like the first Battlefront 2). You can also play as the droids and clones (like the first Battlefront 2) and the game introduces the new era. During the game they showed the Battle of Theed between the droids and clones. Looking at gameplay from last night the new game looks essentially like it will play the same as Battlefront from 2015. The main differences seem to really be under the hood technological differences and being better to the community rather than trying to milk them for money. One thing that did bother me however is that Boba Fett was being used in the Prequel era, in canon he’s literally 3 foot tall and not clad in Mandolorian armour. It will be a competent game, it just depends on how much the community at large is willing to forgive after what happened last time. Personally I’m a little more reserved about this part of DICE’s repertoire, Battlefront 2015 was an arcade game at best and had very little right to be a full price game. Having said that though, the dev team have come out and said that all additional content will be released freely during the life cycle of the game.


And that’s the first show of E3, personally my favourites were Battlefield 1: In the Name of the Tsar (shocking I know) and Need for Speed Payback. ITNotT I already own because I have the season pass but Need for Speed Payback is definitely a game I will be looking out for in the near future.



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