Battlefield One: The Spring Offensive

DICE recently released a pretty big patch update for Battlefield One and I’ve jumped in to see how the game now performs. The company has said that eventually BF1 might actually play completely differently to what it does now.

New Toys

The Spring Update brings new variants of the class level 10 mastery weapons

  • Hellreigel Defensive – sporting a bipod and optical sight to promote a more stationary style of play. This variant boasts a 120 round magazine but with lower damage per bullet. I can see this weapon being a menace in the tunnels of Fort De Vaux where you can set up in a corridor and lock it down. The hidden advantage of this variant is that it overheats after 60 continuous shots rather than the 30 of it’s Factory variant sibling.
  • Martini Henry Sniper – the only issue the original Martini Henry was that the sights were pretty poor and if you were trying to shoot somebody at a distance you needed more luck than skill to actually hit the target. Well now skill is the defining feature with this new shiny rifle. Equipped with a bipod and scope you can finally reach out further with this rifle. Personally I probably wont use the bipod as much but the scope is a welcome feature.
  • Selbstlader 1906 Sniper – for many (me included) the original weapon was a disappointment, the five round magazine leaving little margin for error. As time went on I learnt to use the 8.35 Autoloading. I personally do not believe a sniper scope belongs on a medic rifle, particularly one with such a small magazine. I’ll unlock this item but I doubt I’ll use it.
  • Huot Automatic Optical – I don’t use the Huot now because the BAR and the Chauchat rifles exist. Seeing as this is the case I doubt I will be using this now either. I’ll unlock it but thats purely because I’m a completionist.


I believe the Assault and the Recon classes were the real winners in this update from a personal stand point. Having said that, as the game ages and additional patches are added, the qualities of the other guns might begin to shine through. Veterans will remember that the Lewis Gun was less than mediocre before it was updated and now it’s one of the better LMGs in the game.

Sleepless Nights

For the Premium players there will be a new map coming out in June called Nivelle Nights. As the name suggests its our first night map. I haven’t been able to play this map yet as I’m a filthy casual console player. I’m very happy with the eventual inclusion of this map into the game because of it’s unique selling point. There are rumours of silenced weapons being included into the game eventually, this would give players a new opportunity for a slower approach to be successful. I can see Marksman Snipers becoming more commonplace because in the dark corners of the map you will become invisible. I can’t wait to see what a St Charmond’s spotlight looks like looming over the enemy trenches. On this map, light will be a major issue and if you start shooting blindly be prepared to lose your head.


Grenades… Grenades Everywhere

Finally lets just have a quick chat about grenades. Grenades have always been problem in Battlefield 1, the AoEs are huge and the fuse times were pretty quick making it hard to judge whether you could run away from them. Recently there was an update that reduced the number of grenades you could carry. Strangely they made it so that your grenades would automatically regenerate over time. Which just meant you could toss your grenades with even less worry about running out… Personally I thought it made the grenade spam worse because there was no consequence to just chucking them whenever they came of cooldown.

The new system puts them on a timer but this time you need to get to an ammo crate in order for it to be replenished. I think this is the best way of dealing with the grenade spam honestly. the AoE and fuse times have also been altered to make it so that grenades are not the powerhouse they once were.

Overall I’m enjoying my time spent in the new and improved Battlefield, I wished that DICE introduced the new map for us to play as the only reason I’m playing at the minute is to unlock the new weapon variants. With any luck In the Name of the Tsar will breath extra life into the game when it is released


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