Rainbow Six Siege: Lurking About

I’ve been playing Rainbow Six siege for about a week now and I have to redact my original complaint about the game. Originally I complained about the fact I had to buy the individual characters with renown points. It’s similar to League of Legends in that respect. However, what I like about Siege is that the cast is relatively cheap to buy and I’ve almost completed the roster. Siege is a fascinating game; like any MOBA it’s easy to play, the controls are simple to use but, it is very hard to master. The learning curve is very steep and there is very little margin for error. If you mess up and an enemy catches you because of it, you are dead. Even though the punishment can be quite high for your mistakes because of the competitive nature of the game you find yourself queuing back up to correct them next time.

The gunplay in this game is unlike anything I’ve ever seen before. While it follows the same rules as other games (headshots do bonus damage) you can sometimes find yourself questioning what happened. Here’s an anecdote from a game yesterday. I’m walking around on a roof and all of a sudden bullets rip through a window into my back. I turn around and shoot back (while still receiving damage) but because I manage to hit the other guy in the head once maybe twice I win the firefight. I don’t feel like I deserved to win in that situation and any other game I probably would have died. It certainly takes some getting used to but a good rule of thumb, go for the dome.

Levelcap’s damage model charge is the best graphic I’ve found showing the damage model

It’s surprising how in depth the customisation in this game goes. The attachments on offer for each operator makes a significant difference to how your weapon behaves. Never ever use iron sights, they’re almost all bulky and difficult to use effectively. It is a little frustrating how much of a difference when they aren’t available from the start but, they can be earned relatively quickly. What doesn’t make sense however is how even if multiple operators use the same weapons you have to buy the attachments over and over.

Speaking of the operators there is a very nice variation in the cast of the game. Everybody has something unique about them and they all serve a niche that no other character can achieve as effectively. I will probably put up some posts about which operators I enjoy the most on both the attacking and defending sides of the game.

Apologise for the silence on this website recently. I’ve had a few long days at work


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