Mass Effect Andromeda: My Experience So Far

I said I would write about this game once I had formed an actual opinion about it and here we are. Sure I’ve been distracted this week with Siege so haven’t actually made any further progress with the game (…Oops). But here goes… I actually like it, I like it a lot.

The major problem that most people had. The facial and graphical glitches looks to be fixed. I haven’t come across any at all. Before I bought the game I was a little apprehensive about whether I would be pulled out of the narrative because of this issues appearing constantly and that hasn’t happened to me at all. In approximately 15 hours of gameplay I have experienced one immersion breaking event. I picked a different face for Sara Ryder from a preset list and it just happened to be the same face as a nameless character on the Hyperion which was really distracting for about five minutes… Other than that however, the game runs fairly smoothly on the PS4 with the occassional frame rate drop when it loads a large open space up for you to explore. These are probably the only negatives I will mention for now.

So, what have I enjoyed so far? Well, I’ve actually really liked how open world the game is compared to it’s predecessors. Something Mass Effect the First did that I liked was let you go down to a planet and find stuff to do. Mass Effect 2 and 3 became much more linear games which was fine but lost some of the charm of the original. I spent hours derping around in the Mako trying to scale mountains I had no right to be able to climb. The nomad is a decent replacement and handles fairly well but, I’d appreciate it if I didn’t have to hold down the six wheel drive button to travel around. The planets you’re given to explore are much better this time around and there is plenty to do (I really like Eos)


So far the characters have also been very good as well. My one complaint is that the number of companions is quite small at only six but it does allow you to develop meaningful relationships with a small group rather than the juggling you had to do in Mass Effect 2 when you had nine companions to look after… I have fallen into my default of picking a Turian and a Krogan. This would be because a) old habits die hard and b) the Krogan and Turian on offer are really good characters that I already love. Jaal the Angaran is an interesting presence and reminds me a lot of the Prothean from Mass Effect 3. Overall I’m pretty happy with the cast and crew of Andromeda and want to find out more about them all.

The gunplay in this game is the best I’ve seen from any Mass Effect game. Aiming is quick and clean and the amount of weapons on offer is staggering. I like that the old class system from the original trilogy has been scrapped and a much freer model is now on offer. My current build uses concussive shot and lance, I just run around as mobile artillery killing everything in my path. Overall I’m really happy with this inclusion to the franchise and I will definitely be completing the game to find out what happens to the crew of the Tempest and whether they can find a home amongst the stars of Andromeda


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