Overwatch: Uprising

This week Blizzard launched their new seasonal event for Overwatch, called Uprising, giving players the chance to play out the events shown in the comic of the same name. The community has been asking for a PvE campaign for a long time now, after the success of the Halloween event “Junkenstein’s Revenge” Team Four showed that they can deliver fun PvE content. Enter Uprising, you and three others play as the strike team sent to deal with the rogue Omnic insurgents causing trouble in London. Play as poster child Tracer, the Swedish Chef… I mean Torbjorn, the parasitic life form known as Mercy and my main man Reinhardt in a horde mode style mission to deactivate the AA guns and destroy the Null Sector forces in the Power Station for reasons!

Now here I have a problem, storywise I understand why we’re sent into King’s Row (to protect the population). What I don’t get from this event is the consequences of my actions. What actual difference did the strike team make to the population. It isn’t good enough to just say “The End”. Show me the consequences of my actions please. Looking at the wiki page, Overwatch was barred by the UK government from intervening but they did it anyway. Show me the ramifications of that! The organisation acting without consent here must have been a contributor to the distrust the public felt and finally the enacting of the Petras Act. Unfortunately you don’t get any of this when playing the mission which I feel was a missed opportunity. If you don’t read the comics and only play the game you only get half the story. We learned from Destiny that putting half of the lore outside of the game does not work.


That isn’t to say that this gamemode isn’t fun to play, it’s challenging and a nice change of pace to be enjoyed with a group of friends. I will be sad when it eventually ends at the end of the month and is no longer available. When it disappears it will be less content available in the game and the community will be back to square one, there will be no PvE content to play until they decide to shed some more light on the events of the downfall of Overwatch. I just wish that there was a clear outcome to the event for the lore of the game and that it was permanently incorporated into the game.


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